My History of Reading – Sabrina

I was maybe 8 or 9 and I still remember getting a book from my mom’s best friend. I hated the book and didn’t want to read it. There were so many words, so many pages and less pictures. In elementary school I always had an A in reading, so my not wanting to read was not about my ability to read but rather about my lack of enthusiam. Crazy, I know, especially because I love reading these days and can’t picture my life without it. I guess it was just a phase or the wrong book and/or the wrong genre for me.
However, during 5th/6th grade I discovered reading books for me. IIMG_9115edited was totally obsessed with the Freche Mädchen – Freche Bücher books (~”Sassy Girls – Sassy Books”). The books were aimed at girls in their tweens or early teens. The stories were about a bunch of girlfriends who had to deal with school, parents, clothes, boys, first love and the following first heartbreak. The great thing was that the books were not written from one author alone but from many. The “Freche Mädchen – Freche Bücher” theme was only the name of the series in general. Every author then wrote their own sub-series with their own characters and stories. My goal was to own every single one of the books, there was even a tick-list at the end of each book. And since I’ve always been someone who loved lists and tick things off a list, I did just that: I ticked off the books I already had and marked the ones I wanted next. Continue reading “My History of Reading – Sabrina”

Wilder – Review

img_6912-updatedWilder is the new novel by Rebecca Yarros and the first book in “The Renegades” series.
Leah Baxter is 20 and about to board a cruise ship in Miami, FL for the Study at Sea program. As part of her scholarship she’s not only going to undertake classes, exams and quizzes, she is also going to tutor one of the other students. And this other student happens to be five time X Games winner Paxton Wilder. As if it were not difficult enough for Leah to drag Paxton to classes and make him study, Leah is constantly aware and distracted by not only Paxton’s tattoos but by his charming way of stealing her heart. Both fall very fast for each other – but not everyone wants them to be together. Continue reading “Wilder – Review”

The Goal – Review

img_6652_updatedThe Goal is the final novel in Elle Kennedy‘s Off-Campus series and follows ice hockey player John Tucker and soon-to-be law student Sabrina James.
John Tucker has it all planned out: after graduating from Briar University, he’s going to go back to his hometown in Texas to become a business owner. Then one night during his senior year he makes eye contact with Sabrina James, the stuck up bitch from Briar. He wants her and gets her.
Sabrina James’ life has been anything but pretty: since her dad took off before she was born and her mom eloped with one of her many boyfriends, she is left alone with her alcoholic stepdad and her non-supportive grandma. Continue reading “The Goal – Review”

The Score – Review

img_6645_updatedThe Score is the third novel in the Off-Campus series by Elle Kennedy and follows hockey defenseman Dean Heyward-Di Laurentis and acting major Allie Hayes. Dean and Allie are total opposites when it comes to relationships: Dean is Mr. Womanizer himself and has hooked up with more girls than he can count. Allie however is serious about them and doesn’t do casual – ever! After her break-up with her long-time boyfriend, she flees the dorms and stays at Garrett’s off-campus house. Too bad for Allie that Dean is the only one home the entire weekend and he’s more than determined to persuade Allie into rebound sex with him. Allie finally agrees and both spend a hot night together. Come Monday morning, Allie is ready to move on from her Ex and Dean. Dean however can’t get Allie out of his head and he tries everything to convince her to be with him for another night – or maybe for even longer? Continue reading “The Score – Review”

The Mistake – Review

img_6594-updateThe Mistake is the second novel in Elle Kennedy’s Off-Campus series and follows hockey player John Logan, who we first meet in The Deal. Logan is Garrett’s best friend and lives with him and two other hockey-players/friends in an off-campus house. On his way to a party he accidentally runs into Grace Ivers, a Freshman at Briar University. What starts off as fun and easy hook-ups, ends soon in a disaster. Logan messes up pretty badly which makes Grace run for the hills. Continue reading “The Mistake – Review”